Youtubers using their platform to show their art. Comedy skits, cooking, mukbang, and gaming.

Paper #3: Argumentative Research -Your paper must be 6-8 pages in length, not including your Works Cited page-You must use at least one of our required course texts and at least four additional research sources that you find on your own (5+ total)-You must cite all sources properly using MLA Style for in-text citation and Works Cited page-You must present your argument to the class, either in person or via Write a well-researched paper in which you construct an argument of your own about the public sphere and social change. Your argument should have a narrow focus that is developed through our readings and discussions in Unit III, but all topics related to Unit III are available to you. Possible topics might focus on some aspect of social media or on a specific platform that is controversial or about which you have something to say. You might also consider artistic expression on the internet: what artists are successfully using the internet to broadcast their art? What kind of art works well for the digital age? You may also wish to research the political uses of the digital public sphere: Who is using the internet for political purposes well, and who is using it poorly? What kind of activism happens online, and what is the impact of internet activism? How do hashtags and memes affect real peoples lives? Rather, research, writing, and thinking are all connected processes and it is likely that you will cycle through these steps multiple times as you work on this assignments.