You can not Leapfrog Infrastructure; Industrialization and infrastructure in contrast to technological leapfrogging as a sustained path to Africas economic emergence and development

This is an innovation-focused paper and should please draw elements from Innovation Theory. Some of the recommended sources include Guidance from framing paper is “Leapfrogging ProgressThe Misplaced Promise of Africa’s Mobile Revolution ( Calestous Juma)”. Also draw elements from innovation theory

Your research questions
i) The African Leapfrogging Development Myth?

ii) How sustainable is it for African countries to harness the potential of this new technological phase without the appropriate infrastructure in place (hard and soft), large parts of the continent have still not industrialized but have been able to leapfrog certain innovations with widespread of mobile and digital technology?

iii) Role of Industrialization on Economic Growth; as seen with advanced economies

iv) What is the real solution to sustainable economic development, and global innovative competitive

v) What agents of change/sustainability should be put in place for real economic advancement