Written Scenario: Misbranding

Food Science Paper. Word count 1600 words, I know I’m paying for 1650 but no need. font size of 12 dpi and 1 inch margins. The paper must include in-text citations, references following the APA citation style with at least 2 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Websites that are used commonly to search for peer-reviewed articles include: www.scholar.google.com
In the paper you write 2 opinion pieces, the issue of the use of the term “milk” and whether or not they should flag these products as being “imitation milk”.
Nigel A. Barrella (Do not flag products), a lawyer at the Good Food Institute. The Good Food Institute is an organization that promotes plant-based food https://www.gfi.org/
Claudia Larsonn (Yes flag products) an employee at the National Milk Producers Federation. allow use of defined dairy terms only for dairy products, and requesting FDA enforce the law. https://www.nmpf.org/policy_priorities/dairy-labeling-food-standards/