Write about the book: The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Write about the book: The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Explore ideas for writing your 8-10 page critical analysis essay by brainstorming, looking for quotes and major concepts in the novel/play, and by deciding what you want to interpret and how you will focus your essay.

Your actual topic is up to you, but can focus on a character or character relationship, arguing a particular theme, write about the value of the book or the reason it should or should not be read, respond to a critical article disagreeing with the critical analysis, discuss the works political or sociological significance, connect your book to a significant event or time in history, or explore how a psychological or philosophical concept can lead to a deeper reading.

Submit a typed, completed essay that provides a critical discussion of the novel or play you chose, including a works cited and basic MLA format.

All resources you use for this essaythe book, a dictionary, criticism, and so onshould be cited on a works cited page. If you have questions about the citations, please let me know.


Introduction–Make sure you identify the book title in italics andd the author’s name, spelled correctly, please.

Some options include

Introduce the book and its value:
Kate Chopin’s The Awakening is often extolled as a feminist novel, but many readers do not actually see its relevance to our own time when women still may be presented with limited options for roles they can play in their society, family, and relationships.


Introduce a controversy about the book:
Many critics and school boards have questioned the value of Sherman Alexie’s The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven because they believe it is full of stereotypes or poor role models; however, Alexie writes about what he knows and what he and many people he knows have experienced. While many critics examine this text in a way that pidgeonholes Alexie’s message, many people–native or not–can relate to the drug abuse, the harm of our families, the need to recognize our own potential, and the use of history to teach us about what we have been and what we are.


Introduce your discussion of the book with a thesis:
In Willa Cather’s My Antonia, many readers believe that Jim is in love with Antonia and would do anything for her, but this reading of the text as a love story completely misunderstands the book and overlooks the class issues that pervade the book.


The body of your essay should prove or demonstrate your point. If you are worried about the length of your essay, divide your focus into two parts and write about each in about three pages.

The body of your essay should include several well chosen, thoughtfully presented quotes and discussions that explain how these quotes connect to the overall point.


Your conclusion should feel like an ending. You can use a quote that you think is important to making your point. You can an also discuss why you believe this is an important book. You can also discuss what readers learn or get from this book.

Make sure you include a works cited.
Make sure you cite pages in the text of your essay as you quote.
Make sure you avoid the use of I or you– use we or readers instead.