Write a reflection paper summarizing your learning this semester. Integrate the information we have covered with your life experiences,

Final Written Assignment
Write a reflection paper summarizing your learning this semester. Integrate the information we have covered with your life experiences,
ideas, opinions, and preferred future applications. Your paper should be double spaced 12 point font and between 4-5 pages. Write in a way that includes course concepts and vocabulary with your thoughts and personal examples.

Questions Instructor will look for Instructor
-What is Integrated Marketing Communications all about?
Give a thoughtful summary along with an example of what
we have talked about this term.
Remember Can the student recall the main point
and explain the concept with an example?

Find a scholarly sourced article that highlights or connects
with our course topics. Summarize the ideas and identify the
way that your source informs the class subject.
Understand Can the student link the course topics
to other scholarly literature at an upper-class college

How has this course informed your understanding of your
major, other topics youve studied, or work experience
you have had? Unpack at least three examples.
Analyze Can the student appraise or distinguish
perhaps even question why, if, or how the
information is useful?

What general experiences from this semester do you hope to
learn from? Think of the impact of the global pandemic, the
application of your study skills, or other things from your life.
Apply Can the student illustrate their
understanding from their personal life and other
learning with 2-3 supported examples?

How might you practically integrate information from this
course into your current life or future career? Cite two
specific examples and explain why you chose them.
Evaluate/Create Can the student construct a
preferred integration that names specific subjects
and why they want to integrate this content?

-Does the student write at an appropriate level for an upper-level major course? Write a scholarly paper using citations and APA format
-Grammar/Scholarship Can the student use appropriate grammar including spelling, punctuation,
and sentence structure; and does the paper show

5 SECTIONS OF THE PAPER (required components to list as your personalized heading descriptors)
Intro/Explanation of Integrated Marketing Communication (5 pts)
Summarize one scholarly source and connect its main ideas to course content (10 points)
Analyze the useful of these various course topics on marketing/promotion to your life (10 points)
Apply other experiences and reflect on yourself this semester to identify what you learned (10 points)
Evaluate two-course concepts and predict how you might use them in the future (10 points as part of closing/conclusion)