Working memory theory

It’s for my speech interpersonal communication class. Its over the working memory theory. Need to be six studies about the theory. i’ve copied and pasted my instructor instructions below.

1) Introduction. Here, please provide a general overview of the theory itself. Youll want to
discuss when it was created, and by who, as well as its general aims and scopes, primary
arguments or assumptions as originally theorized, and any other information you believe to
be relevant for your reading audience.

2) Body. The bulk of your essay should be an insightful marrying together of various studies
that, in some way, utilize your selected theory. You need at least six (6) studies. You can
arrange these works and your subsequent discussion of them in whatever way is easiest for
you, although I do prefer and advocate you organize your essay thematically rather than
based on the individual studies themselves. Let me elaborate.

One option (and this is probably the easier option in terms of organizational structure) is to
simply offer a truncated summary of each individual study you have selected and present
your summaries in a linear fashion. This would likely result in an analysis that is very direct
in nature. For example, you would offer a couple of paragraphs worth of summary for
each study, and transition into the next study where you would do the same. This
approach is a more straightforward summary rather than a compelling engagement with the

The second option would have you organize your essay around themes, in which you
would likely be referencing your sources multiple times throughout the piece, rather than
in an isolated ok, heres what this study said, now heres what this study said, now heres
what this study said fashion. This second approach would allow you to create themes and
organize your analysis around them. For example, if you were focusing on social exchange
theory you might have one section that highlights research using this theory on older
couples and one highlighting research that focuses on younger couples. Here, your paper
is ordered around the variable of age and is broken up into sections accordingly. While I
encourage you to utilize the second approach, you are free to do whichever works best for

3) Conclusion. Here you will want to summarize your overall findings and offer any thoughts
and closing arguments you may now have following your research journey. Did your
exploration through the research leave you with any new questions? Were there findings
that surprised you? Do you have opinions/ideas on the future directions of this theory and
how it should or could be applied? Why or why not?

The purpose of this final paper assignment is to offer you an opportunity to further explore
something that you have found interesting in our course. Your paper should seek to address,
elaborate on, and expand understandings of a specific theoretical contribution to the field of
interpersonal communication and illustrate how and why that theory or concept is useful for th