Why is it important to my personal health and wellbeing?

For this assignment you will be developing a health promotion plan for yourself and implementing it over the course of the semester.

Take the Health-Style-Self Test on page 57 of the Taylor book.
Using the information you learned in the health-style-self test and reflecting over your own health and wellbeing; choose 1 health promotion behavior that you are willing to engage in over the course of the semester. (Examples: stop smoking/vaping, stop drinking soda or coffee, lose weight, exercise 3 times a week, eat healthy, etc).
Once you have determined which behavior you will participate in, write down (you will need this at the end- keep it with your tracking information):
Why did I choose this behavior?
Why is it important to my personal health and wellbeing?
What is my goal?
Now that you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, it is time to implement! You will keep track of your health promotion journey using an appropriate tracking method of your choice. (Examples: tracking app, blog, journal [electronic or paper], etc).
At the end of the semester you will be evaluating your progress, as well as, the process, challenges, successes, lessons learned, and application to your role as a nurse.

6. Now that we are at the end you will write a short paper (2-3 page) over your experience.

Answer the above questions in #3
Reflect over your experience. Describe your journey and then reflect over the experience. Some things you may think about are: How was it? Easy or difficult- Why? What challenges did you experience? What helped? Did you have any set backs?
Relate this experience to a person who has a chronic condition. An example might be a newly diagnosed diabetic who will not need to change their diet and increase activity. How might this experience inform the care that you provide.