Why is child homelessness still a problem

Restate the research question. Identify the type of research question it is. If there are independent and dependent variables, what are they? If there are not any dependent or independent variables, please discuss why.
What is the epistemology of this research question?
What is the ontology of this research question?
What form of data collection will you use to access what it is that you want to know?
What are the trade-offs of this method of data collection?
What makes it the best method of data collection for your research question?

II. Methods of Data Analysis

a. Explain the how you will analyze the data step by step.

III. Writing Up of Study Findings

a. What are the study findings? Use this section to summarize the findings for your reader.

IV. Implications of Study Findings

a. Please list two (2) of the implications of these study findings for social workers and or the social work profession.

V. Study Limitations

a. What were two (2) limitations of this study? Please explain what it is about these limitations makes them a limitation.

VI. Reference Page (APA Style)

Five (5) scholarly references, with two of the sources being studies, the third being a chapter from Rubin and Babbie (2017), the fourth source being about the theory inherent in the research question