What should be done now for Janet and her parents, and on what grounds?

There are three parts to this final. They should all go in the same document, and be clearly labeled, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Generally, this paper, when done right, tends to be at least 6 to 8 pages.

Part I, Topic 2
Throughout the class, in most of these issues, inevitably, the importance of autonomy comes up. But it’s important to remember that the high regard put on autonomy is very much a western way of looking at things. Many cultures in the world put more emphasis on collective decision-making, often with the family, and not the patient, making the decisions. Do some research on these perspectives, and then take an issue that we discussed, and analyze it from that perspective.

Afterwards, in light of what you’ve learned, describe how your ideas about autonomy as the ideal have or haven’t changed, and why. Are there benefits to the other ways of thinking, and if so, what are they? What are the drawbacks? And why is it important for a healthcare provider to understand the other perspectives? Also, and this is important… be sure to refer to the research you did. I want to know what actual perspectives that you used to inform your position.

Part II, Case Study: Our Daughter Didnt Want This
I have included two case studies in this week’s section. Choose one, and answer all of the questions at the bottom, thoroughly, with good reasoning. This should generally be about 1-2 pages.

What should be done now for Janet and her parents, and on what grounds?

2. What values underlie the statute making a pregnant womans healthcare treatment declarations of no effect while pregnant (meaning, what do you think is the reasoning behind the law)? Do you agree or disagree with this statute, and on what grounds?

3. What decision would you be making as Janets parental advocate, and why? Consider the legal limitations in your answer.

4. Ought someone to be an advocate for Janets fetus, or not? And why or why not?

Part III
Pick something you learned in the class that, after learning it, you changed your position or feelings about, and why. If you didn’t change your position on something, you should pick something where your position has at least evolved in some way, perhaps where you now are clearer or have a stronger position on it, and describe how so. Be sure to describe the evolution of your thought process as to how you came to this new or strengthened position.
Be sure to go into detail on this question… I’d like some insight into your thought process. Don’t simply write a paragraph about what you changed your mind about. I’d like to know why you did so. If you are brief, you will not get a good grade on this section.