What role does travel play in (or out of) a utopia?

What role does travel play in (or out of) a utopia?
To what extent is freedom a part of a utopia? What kind of freedom?
Where does individuality fit into a utopian society?
Can slavery (or, to a lesser extent, inequality) exist in a utopian society?
A strong critical paper should feature: a clear and debatable thesis about your text, lots of evidence to support your claims (i.e., quotes and close paraphrases), developed close-readings, smooth transitions between paragraphs, and all the other features of excellent essay writing (like good grammar, strong voice, proper MLA citations, etc.) that are par for the course.

The more narrow and specific you make your argument, the more successful you will be. Dont try to do too much. Try to avoid the five-paragraph essay feelif you find yourself veering into this three points territory, challenge yourself to choose ONE of these points and really develop and expand it over the course of a number of pages, opting for nuance over breadth.