what is the best borough in New York City?

What is the best borough in New York City?
Imagine a friend is moving from out of town to New York City and they are asking you for advice. They want to know, Where should I move to? What is the best borough in New York City?
In formulating your response, consider the following:
Step 1: Who is your audience? In other words, who is your friend? Is it a single male who just signed a multi million dollar contract with the Yankees? Is your friend the head of a family with a very low-income and young children? Is your friend half of a same- sex couple that loves going out to restaurants?
Step 2: Based on who your friend is, decide what things would be important for that person, family or couple. Develop at least 5 different criteria, or reasons, why one borough would be better than the others.
If your friend is a young New York Yankee who just signed a multi-million dollar contract, he might want to live in a place where there are lots of clubs. Find out which borough has the best nightlife. A young family might be concerned about schools and affordable housing. A foodie couple might look for diverse dining opportunities. The reasons are endless and up to you and each one should be the topic for a compelling Body Paragraph.
Step 3: Research those reasons and find evidence in the form of reliable sources to support why one borough is the best.
Step 4: Compile your evidence into a 4-5 page essay that includes an Introduction, 4 – 5 Body Paragraphs and a Conclusion. The essay will also include a separate works cited page in proper MLA format.
1. Suppose your friend is the head of a household with two young children who just moved to NYC for work.

Thesis: For a young family looking to balance quality of life with affordability, nothing beats Staten Island.
2. Possible Body Paragraphs: Reasons why SI is great for a young couple with kids.
– Homes are affordable
– Good schools
– There are neighborhoods where children can play outside – Its easy to get to Manhattan by ferry.
– You can own a car and getaway quickly to NJ shore
– You can drive to supermarkets
– SI has beaches and surfing!
– Amazon just opened on SI so there are tons of jobs.
3. Research those reasons online using keywords to find reliable sources.
Pick the best 4 – 5 reasons. These will be your Body Paragraphs.
See if some of the reasons can be combined into one strong paragraph. Glancing at those reasons, it looks to me like Good schools and neighborhood where children can play may be one paragraph)
4. Organize your findings into an Intro, 4 – 5 Body Paragraphs and a Conclusion with properly cited sources (we will cover that).