What film did you choose and who was the film score composer?

Film Jazz Assignment
For this Film Jazz Assignment, you will choose any film/movie that you would love to watch (except a musical) and take notes. It can be an action film, a drama, comedy, jazz presentation (old film like I Love Lucy with Ricky Ricardos Band, or more modern contemporary Wynton Marsalis Jazz At Lincoln Center and answer the following questions:

1. What film did you choose and who was the film score composer?

2. How was jazz music used in the film?

3. Did it set the mood, the emotion, the place, the time?

4. Did it define the characters?

5. Reveal inner emotions?

6. Tell the audience what was going to happen next?

7. What was the most effective use of jazz music in the film?

8. Was there a particular scene that was memorable in its use of music?

9. What are the artisitic goals of the film?

10. How does the music help the filmmakers achieve those goals?

11. What makes the music interesting?

12. Listen all the way through the credits. How did the credits score summarize the movie?

In some ways the credits music is like the overture to a musical or opera except that it happens at the end.

13. What impression of the film does the credits score leave you with?