What does the organizational chart look like for your business?

You are the owner of a business that sells uniforms and provides embroidery services for high school, college, and recreational sports teams in your area. You have managers in the following departments: High School Sales, Collegiate Sales, Recreational Sales, and Accounting. The High School and Collegiate Sales have one full-time sales associate and two part-time associates as well as a delivery person. The Recreational Sales department has one full-time and one part-time associate. The Accounting department has two full-time employees that report to the manager. Prepare a 2-page report that addresses the following questions:

1) What does the organizational chart look like for your business? (Hint: create an organizational chart),

2) What organizational structure is your business?

3) Assuming sales are declining in one of the sales departments, what would your recommendation be to possibly restructure to improve sales?

4) If sales are increasing, make a recommendation on how to restructure to handle the increased business.

5) Is the current structure considered tall (more centralized) or flat (more decentralized)? Why did you choose this structure?

6) What do you think a normal workday in your job of choice will consist of?