what does it mean to be a good person?

Earlier this semester you wrote a short position paper on your view of what it means to be a good (ethical/moral) person. This second position paper gives you a chance to revisit this issue, and also to discuss some ideas we have studied this semester.

~200 words: A Review of Your Short Position Paper

Cut and paste your underlined thesis statement from your Short Position Paper, and give a 2 or 3 sentence explanation of it.

Cut and paste the comments that I wrote at the very end of your essay. Then cut and paste one of my margin or bubble comments pointing out a problem in your essay. (you do not need to respond to my comments)

Your Current Position, and 2 Ideas from the Semester

You may agree with what you wrote in your Short Position Paper; you may now disagree with it. Or perhaps your older position can be strengthened by using ideas you have learned in the meantime.

1.) 200-300 Words: Begin this section with your current underlined thesis statement, and then explain the meaning of your thesis in more detail.

2.) At least 500 Words: From the writings of Socrates, the Stoics, Mill, and Kant, choose 2 specific ideas (only 2) about being a good person which are most relevant to your current thesis.

Explain those 2 ideas in detail, along with at least one supporting quotation for each of the 2 ideas.

Along the way, you must explain how these 2 ideas relate to your current position.

You must also give some real-life examples of what youre discussing (your own examples — not ones I used in class).

NOTE: You may not choose ideas from both Kant and Mill, since their views on what makes an action moral are completely opposed to each other.