What are the issues (pro and con) between Standardization and Flexibility?

Reflections: Adventures of an IT Leader
Topic: Reflection 06 – Standardization and Innovation / Risk

Chapter(s): 16, 17, 18

Scenario: Work/Discussion (In-Class Work)

Format: Written (Tables, charts, written paragraphs, info-graphics as noted)


Standardization has been a guiding principle for IT, however, in today’s Enterprise environment that approach to IT may stifle profitable revenue growth and competitiveness.

1) What are the issues (pro and con) between Standardization and Flexibility?
[Format: Explain in a table – Must cite sources]
2) What should Barton do about Sales request to replace computers with mobile devices?
[Format: Explain in 1 paragraph – Must cite sources]

Today, IT’s role is more that of a strategic business partner.

3) What role should the IT function play in the discussion of the use of IT to enhance the innovative capabilities of the corporation?
[Format: Explain in 1 paragraph – Must cite sources]

IT has a certain amount of risk associated with the IT function. IT risks are not only about security. Risks range across lifecycle management, TCO, security, infrastructure development, business process redesign, digital transformation, projects, innovation, strategy…..

4) How should a company decide which IT risks are worth taking?
[Format: Take what you have learned in class and construct a decision matrix chart. Briefly describe the component parts.]
5) Why should a CIO involve C-Level/senior management participation and oversight when managing IT risk?
[Format: Find and summarize an article(s) that addresses the topic. Attach first page of each article to the submission. – Must cite sources]

Important Note: Answers without citations, misleading citations, or from CourseHero/Chegg will result in a Zero “1” (tells me at a glance that you ‘plagiarized’ / did not think) for the entire assignment for the entire Team.