What are the areas in your academic life where you would like to improvement, what obstacles stand in the way of making these improvements, and what are your strategies for overcoming each obstacle?

The topic of this paper is self-improvement in academic life. Identify areas
in your academic life where you would like to see improvement. Focus on
at least two specific areas and for each area identify at least one obstacle in
the way of your success and two possible strategies for overcoming that
You have the freedom to choose what you want to write, but please limit the
content to topics you feel comfortable sharing with everyone.
The following are requirements for this paper:
Paper has a clear topic and description of the problem (e.g. obstacles
to academic success)
Paper has a thesis statement (the one controlling idea for the paper)
Paper follows standard paper format using beginning, middle and end
paragraphs in that order
Paper uses analysis to break down the problem and invent possible
Paper uses for the position of authority the first person pronoun, “I.”
Paper uses language clearly and persuasively
Paper must be approximately 1,200 words