Western stereotype on Middle East countries still exists: A Study on The Dictator (2019)

Papers should be single-sided and double-spaced in 12-point font with one-inch margins. This is a research paper and part of your grade will reflect the quality of your research. You must cite at least THREE high quality scholarly sources (i.e. an article from a scholarly journal; a book chapter or book published by an academic or university press), with a minimum of two of those not being listed in the course outline.
It is expected that sources of all quotations, direct arguments/interpretations and evidence will be cited in the paper according the MLA citation style. and that a works cited list will close the paper.

Suggested reading:
Said, E. W. Introduction, Orientalism (Routledge, 1979), pp. 1-31.

Supplemental (Optional) Reading:

Bauman, Z. From Pilgrim to Tourist or a Short History of Identity

Hall, The Rediscovery of Ideology in Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: A Reader (Ed. John Storey)