Western Music

A. Write a biographical sketch of a composer of choice with a focus on two
musical works in particular. Utilize YouTube videos to listen and write
about your choices. Use music terminology, such as rhythm, melody,
tempo, texture, period, etc. to describe the pieces. Aside from referencing
and including sources about the composer, make sure to list any YouTube
videos that you viewed.
B. Utilizing your favorite genre of music (Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop etc.), conduct
a study of its evolution in comparison to the evolution of classical music.
Utilize music terminology to describe both genres.
For example, Classical music is not stagnant and will
continue to progress. Write about how your favorite genre
evolved and continues to progress, and how its history is
similar to Classical music. You can compare the history of
your favorite genre to a particular period that we studied or as
a broad history from the Medieval-20th Century.