Waste Problem in New York City

Your essay on the waste problems of the city you choose, should do all of the following:
discuss the extent of the problem(s): its severity, its effects, etc.
discuss the history (e.g. growth) of the city and country that has led to the severity of the waste problem(s)
discuss the ways in which government officials are trying to deal with the waste problem(s)
discuss the ways (if any) individuals are trying to deal with the waste problem(s)
discuss the obstacles in the way of successfully dealing with the waste problem(s). For example, are the incentives to change stronger than letting the waste conditions continue? Who benefits or at least isn’t harmed by the waste problem(s)? In other words, follow the money? Who profits from so much waste?
discuss how the waste problems of cities and countries are not isolated but related to the lifestyles and actions of other people in other parts of the world.
Please note: This is not a paper in which you are asked to recommend a “solution” to the waste problems. You are merely reporting on the issue.