Vending machine Consumption And adolescent weight

write the final paper based off the files of information provided.I have some references used on some of the files you are allowed to use those as well as any other scholarly articles and studys relating to the topic of VENDING MACHING CONSUMPTION AND ADOLESCENT HEALTH fix add and make the paper appropriate for final submission.My topic is vending machine consumption and adolescent weight. I will attach files that i have completed in different sections for you to use regarding information on the topic the files have my teachers feedback so you know what specifically needs to be added and fixed . The introduction file critique has my work along with the professors critque same goes for the medology critique .The research methods file does not have his critique but please pay attention. Look atthe files as they will give you a starting point where you can go in and add information to make sue the paper flows and has all the criteria needed. Files will include the introduction/abstract
statysical anaylytical write up
. there will also be files my teacher unloaded of his rubric and what he expects from the overall paper i will