UX-Web Design

For this assignment, you will submit 2 to 3 UX deliverables that aid in your explanation of what your final product will be. Those deliverables could include but are not limited to, wireframes, sketches, mock-ups, press releases, user flows, etc.

This is the time where you take your raw thoughts and put them in “paper” for others to understand. Please note that at this point I am not expecting 100% finished products (in fact, I would anticipate changes between what you present for this assignment and your final product), and for sure I would not expect any interactivity on your UX deliverables.

The assignment is due on Thursday, March 26th by 6:00 pm. Please be aware that this assignment will require peer review, as well as my review. In doing your peer review, please offer helpful and constructive feedback to your “colleagues”, as the goal is to help others improve their final product.