Utilizing the Toulmin model, and logical fallacies, analyze a current political debate.

Readings & Lectures
Human Communication: A Critical Reader, Chapters 14 & 15
Students should
1. Utilizing the Toulmin model, and logical fallacies, analyze a current political
2. Research the debate using reliable, and current news sources (2019-2020
sources only), locating the following elements on both sides of the debate:
a. Primary claim, and rebuttal (make sure the rebuttal directly addresses
the claim (see Shape of Argument lecture for examples of how to do
this effectively).
b. Grounds & backing (for both the claim, and the rebuttal)
c. Warrants on both sides (if unstated, fill in the warrant)
d. One logical fallacy on each side of the debate
3. Clarifications:
a. Because the claim and its rebuttal constitute the two sides of the
debate, you are essentially analyzing two arguments.
b. Use as many sources as you need to complete the assignment; the
number of sources will vary based on the sources and the nature of the
1. Avoid introductory comments one would typically find in a full-length
essay, for instance: Our textbook outlines the different parts of an
argument or argumentation is a key element in civic society. Simply
begin with the first argument, for instance: In the debate over ____,
_______ claims ______________.
2. For each side, provide direct quotations, keeping quotations to 1-2 sentences
maximum. Its better to follow each brief quotation with strong
explanations in your own words than to simply string together a series of
block quotations. The goal is to show your analytical skills.
Two pages total, 1 margins, 12-point font, and double spaced
Rather than a traditional heading format, which takes up four to five lines on
the page, create a header at the top of the page, with your name, and
Argumentation Analysis (example: Susan Jones, Argumentation Analysis).
This formatting will leave the entire 2 pages for your analysis. No lines
should be wasted providing any additional information or titles.
Use either APA or MLA style reference page to cite all consulted news
You do not need to cite the textbook as a source.