According to the brief, I was asked to either present a critical commentary on the master plan project that I designed, or I could write a critical commentary on particular concepts and
notions presented in a recent paper published in the Journal of Urban Design. (It is NOT a review article)

I chose to write a commentary on a published journal named “Place value: place quality and its impact on health, social, economic and environmental outcomes”, which is published here:-


(Please let me know if it’s accessible, I also attached the pdf)

Regarding the content, we need to include a literature review section which normally is positioned after the introduction and before your reflection to introduce the concept/principle/framework/theory that we are going to use in the reflection/analysis. This section should cover as much relevant literature as we can (within the appropriate length) to locate your work in the existing body of knowledge and justify the approach you intend to adopt. This is also a section to show your understanding of the topic and the subject area.

Lastly, focus on one or two aspects of my master plan design project (see attachment ‘20200121_Final Submission’) or the key points of the chosen paper. Don’t try to cover everything you can think of, but reflect on either the strongest or weakest aspects of the project. Please do include illustrations and provide sources of the pictures/renderings/plans.