United States Secret Service

Select a DHS-related organizations for your research paper from the list below.
Prepare a draft of each of the following sections using the outline below:
Organizational Highlights
Organizational Challenges
Intelligence & Armed Forces Application
Your draft of each section should thorough explore the organization using the resources from your annotated bibliography. Remember your final written paper must include at least 2,000 words (approximately 8 pages). Note the title page/cover page and reference page do not count towards the minimum written requirements.
Use the Paper Outline below and include a section in the paper for each section in the outline.
Use APA format with a title page or cover page.
Use a minimum of eight (8) references where one can be your classroom textbook. All citations (both in text and reference page) must be in APA format.
Submit assignment by Sunday 11:59 pm CT.
Full Core Assessment Paper Outline

You should have a section in the paper for each of the following:

Describe how the organization fits within the Department of Homeland Security. Provide an organizational chart of DHS and the agency you select. Explain how the agency is organized under DHS. Include an org chart. Next explain the DHS-Related organization you are researching is organized.
(Ensure you understand how to read an organizational chart. Just because an agency is listed on the bottom does not mean it is subservient to boxes above it; one must follow the solid lines to understand chain of command/authority.)
Mission and History.Describe the mission and scope of the organization. Identify through a brief synopsis of the organizational history how the organization became part of DHS.
Discuss the organization using a chart or other graphical depiction. Illustrate how this subordinate organization is aligned within the Department of Homeland Security.
Roles and Responsibility. Discuss the various roles and responsibilities of the organization and how those roles and responsibilities support the overall Department of Homeland Security mission and objectives.
Workforce Overview.Distinguish facts germane to the organization to include total number of employees, training, critical or unique skills, and additional facts that provide a substantive overview of the workforce.
Construct an overview of the existing leadership to include how their background and skills support their existing appointment or fail to support their existing appointment.
Organizational Highlights.Assess some organizational highlights that show how the organizational strategies and initiatives are effective or ineffective at carrying out their existing mission.
Organization Challenges. Distinguish and describe organizational challenges, to include legal and operational, that mire their responsibilities and what the organization is performing to overcome those obstacles in the future.
Intelligence and Armed Forces Application. Assess how the organization interacts with the intelligence community and Armed Forces to supplement, strengthen, or perform their daily responsibilities.
Conclusion. Wrap up the paper with you final thought on the role this organization plays in the grand scheme of homeland security. What conclusions have you come to as to its relevance to homeland security? Does this organization have a role to play in the future? What recommendations do you have for changes to the organization?