Transforming professional practice

Prepare a consultation paper that you might reasonably share with practice-based colleagues, which attends to the insights and possibly differing opinions relating to ‘Mentorship’ skill improvement within a maternity unit.

Please note that the context in this paper should be from a midwife practitioner working in a maternity unit setting, responsible for facilitating an orientation programme for newly qualified midwives.

Official Guidance
For consultants to understand your project you will need to provide the following:

A summary of the work conducted and what the aim was. This should refer to any contextual agendas and drivers supporting the improvement in a maternity unit.

A summary of what the evidence literature has taught you focusing on a mentorship skill improvement in maternity unit.

A summary of what analysis of experiences of the newly qualified midwives has revealed. Here you should refer to the key narratives and/or discourses that have been identified.

Examination of what the evidence and experience insights combined might suggest (your deductions) into what else might need to be done regarding mentorship skill improvement in a maternity unit

Options regarding what might be needed to support the change.