Each student is responsible to complete 3 hrs of transcription from any mix of the resources below. When you transcribe, keep a journal detailing the days and times you signed on and off, the name of the institution and the collection you worked in, and one telling detail from the texts you transcribed. You have four options linked below.
Enroll here to transcribe the enlistment records of African-American soldiers in the Union Army, 1863-1866. Do the tutorial first, so you know what is expected of you.
The Freedman’s Bureau was created in 1862 to help former enslaved people resettled and develop just working contracts with former owners. These records frequently include stories of injustice and violence against the newly freedpeople of the former Confederacy.
The Newberry Library in Chicago has a wide ranging collection, with particular strengths in Renaissance European and Native American materials. You have an opportunity here to transcribe manuscripts for searching and use by researchers.
The Smithsonian Institution offers a variety of transcription projects that you can choose from, on different topics that may be of greater or lesser interest to you. You can search by topic, and select only un-completed transcriptions projects. Follow their directions carefully so that your transcriptions are of value to researchers.