Trace: Memory, History, Race and the American landscape by Lauret E. Savoy

In Trace, what does Savoy reveal about race and the American landscape? How does she suggest we should look at American landscapes?
What does Savoy reveal about how American history is remembered, commemorated, and taught? (What is the problem and what is the solution?)

Your essay should also reflect on your own experience reading Trace, considering the following questions:
How has Trace impacted the way you think about and look at the American landscapein generaland specific places in the United States?
How has Trace influenced your thinking about American history and the way it is recounted?
How has Trace changed the way you think about your own connections to the American landscape or the way specific American landscapes/places have shaped you and your family?
What struck you as most significant, interesting, surprising, or troubling in the text? Why?

Throughout your paper, you should incorporate textual evidence using summary, paraphrase, and quotations to support your analysis and reflection.