tooth whitening and their biological effect on teeth structure

Research Guidelines

I-The director of each course should assign at least 10 research subjects according to the course objectives and ILOs
II-Each student or group of maximum 5 students must write a review article or a project
III- The research content must includes the following:
1- Cover page which include the research title student/students name, ID- course name – course code and date
2- Table of contents
3- List of tables
4- List of figures
5- List of abbreviations
6- Abstract
7- Introduction
8- Review of literature
9- Conclusions
10- References
IV- important Remarks
1- Avoid plagiarism (the maximum allowed plagiarism is 20%)
2- All the included information must be documented with reference imbedded in the body of the research
3- One and half space between lines
4- Font Time New Roman
5- Font Size 12
6- The research (abstract, introduction, review of literature and conclusion) should be from 2500 words to 5000 words which equals 5 to 10 pages)
7- The file should be submitted in PDF format
V- Example of how references should be written:
Petrie KJ, Mueller JT, Schirmbeck F, Donkin L, Broadbent E, Ellis CJ et al. Effect of providing information about normal test results on patients reassurance: randomised controlled trial. British Medical Journal [Online] 2007;334(7589): 352-354. Available from: doi: 10.1136/bmj.39093.464190.55 [Accessed 26th August 2011].
VI- The Submission date begin at 31 may 2020
The due date 21 June 2020