This monograph is simply a 5 paragraph book report (summary) of Gateway to Freedom.

Below is a good structure with which to create your book report.
5 paragraphs of at least 4+ sentences. Here is a basic structure you can use.

paragraph 1 =
A. introduction (Catch our attention with a provocative sentence sometimes emotional first sentence.
B. theme (What is message main point Foner is trying to convey?)
C. main characters (There are no main characters in this one. They are all fantastic stories of people who went through a lot to get the basic human right of freedom. So you can just pick a character(s) that stuck out to you the most and name them here in this 3rd sentence because you are going to talk about them in detail in paragraph 3.
D. plot = Is there a recurring theme(s) that all main characters you chose have in common?

paragraph 2 = Theme (Why do you think Foner wrote the book? Use examples to support your reason(s).

paragraph 3= main characters (You can give us a 2 or 3 main character stories that you remember the most and give examples of what they did that make them memorable. This can go over 7 sentences depending on how much you admired the characters. )

paragraph 4 = plot (Give us at least 4 recurring themes in sentence form.)

paragraph 5 = conclusion (This can be a repeat of what you said in paragraphs 2-4 in another way to remind us what was said. Or it can be an eye catching intellectual conclusion that makes us ponder some larger thought that we think about when we leave what you wrote.)