Thesis-Driven Sociology Paper

Observations for this paper are also difficult in a time of social distancing. Im changing this paper also to a film paper. Instead of performing alien observations, watch My Brooklyn at This film covers a number of topics weve discussed in class; you have choices. And then write a 5-6 (full) page paper that is thesis driven, and makes connections to course materials. (The grading rubric and general instructions remain the same for this paper; we are just substituting a video for your observations of a social situation. You are also no longer looking to make the familiar strange. Instead, you are seeking to make a sociological argument about the film or aspects of the film. Make sure to define your terms, quoting and citing course texts and/or slides. In your analysis you should define/explain at least 8 sociological concepts or theories that were discussed in course readings. Make sure to put all 8 (or more) quotes (even if definitions) within quote marks and make sure to use parenthetical citations. This should be a (sociological) thesis-driven paper, rather than a film review.