The Terminator (1984)

Write an essay that analyzes:
1. a genre (choose ONE)
a. science fiction

2. a film from that genre
Project Requirements:
1. Characteristics of the Genre:
Identify 4-5 significant characteristics of the genre.
Explain their relevance / importance to the genre.
Give examples for each.
2. History of the Genre:
Show early as well as modern examples.
Discuss changes over time.

3. Directors / Actors:
Identify 2-3 directors/actors who have contributed to the genre in an important way and discuss their contributions.

4. Best Films of the Genre:
Identify 2-3 of the most famous and/or critically acclaimed examples of the genre.
Discuss the reasons for their fame (or critical acclaim).

5. Analysis of a Single Film (The terminator 1984 )
Explain why is your film is classified as part of this genre.
Analyze how the film handles genre conventions (is it formulaic? does it push boundaries?).
Discuss how understanding the genre helps us to better understand the film.