The Spartacus War, Barry Strauss

The paper must include a cover page, double spacing using 12 font (no italics), minimum of 3 pages in length (for the main body). Your paper should include a work cited page of the book using MLA style; see this following website for an example of how to cite in MLA:
The main section of the paper (approximately minimum 2-3 pages) should include a book report about the work (summarization of the work). A short review section should also be included about the work; at least writing a paragraph size. This should be a form of criticism about the book. Examples: Did you like the work? Would you recommend it to someone for reading? What were some positive or negative aspects of the work? What were some positive, negatives aspects of the authors style of writing on the subject?
For the research paper, a rough draft is not necessary for your work, but I will allow students to look at whatever rough drafts you have of your paper (by Appointment only).
Outline of what to include in your paper: