The Post 9/11 paradoxes Limits

Paper should have a title page, which includes the title of your paper and your name.
You should use at least five separate sources for your paper (books, journal articles, internet articles)
The last page of the paper should be a bibliography of works cited, with full citations for every source used in the paper, including internet URLs .(for books: author, title, place of publication, publisher, date).
Provide parenthetical citations (authors last name, page) OR footnotes throughout the paper, showing the source of your information. I recommend at least one citation for each paragraph.
The paper must be well organized, with an introduction, body and conclusion. Each section of your paper should have a transitional introductory sentence.
Direct quotations from a source must have quotation marks and a citation. Remember, you cannot slightly alter an authors words and present them as your own.
Direct quotations of more than two lines should be indented and single spaced (no quotation marks).