The lamb and the tyger by William Blake

The presentation must cover the basic info (who, what, when, where, why, and how) along with your literary analysis of the meaning, tone, message, etc. of the text you are covering. I want no more than 250-350 words dedicated to the authors history/background; the rest of the paper should be dedicated to your literary analysis of the piece.
Your analysis should include your interpretation of the piece in the form of a clear thesis statement that explains WHAT you think and WHY you think it. What is the piece about? Why do you think that? What figurative language or literary elements lead you to that interpretation? Your analysis should address the literary elements of the poem, story, or essay and explain how those elements tie into your interpretation. The essay should contain a single-spaced heading on the left side of the page with your name, the date, the class, my last name, and the word count. It should have a header in the top right margin with your last name and the page #. Your essay should have a compelling title and should conform to standard MLA formatting, especially for in-text citations and the works cited page.