The Innovation Strategy of the Eco Ocean AS

The structure of the Assignment:
The paper should consist of several parts listed below. Grades should be given for each of the parts respectively.
1. Introduction: The purpose of the research should be clearly identifying. The case should be described, and any sub-questions should be specified.
2. Theory: A minimum of two theories should be described. No max number limits. A good description if the student provides references to articles in addition to the textbook, and excellent discussion if the critique and limitations of the theoretical approaches are also discussed.
3. Method: Data collection method should be described (secondary or primary data, what kind of primary data, if interviews performed when, with whom, how many interviews, an interview guide, transcribes from interviews, description of the analysis procedure is presented)
An excellent discussion of reliability and validity are considered
4. Findings and Analysis: It is expected a detailed presentation of the case. Key data should be provided (when established, owners, number of employees, the main segment of operation, some historical development, mission, and vision of the firm etc).
It is further expected analysis of the management of the innovation process in firm in question. It should be discussed in relation to the chosen theory. A good discussion if claims are supported with strong arguments. An excellent discussion if observation leads to questioning theories. The graphical presentation of the process in question is beneficial.
5. Conclusion: In this section, it is expected that students draw a conclusion on whether firm exercise management of the innovation process in accordance with theoretical perspectives. Arguments can be done in relation to the relevance of theories in present context, as well as on the strengths and weaknesses of the innovation process in question.
To get A grade following instruction:
A Student has followed the suggested structure. Research questions and sub-questions are clearly formulated. Theory is very well developed with excellent reference towards a few scientific articles per each theory, includes a critical debate around theories. Empirical data are gathered through a number of interviews, the interview guide is provided, transcribes are provided, validity and reliability are evident, data gathering process is well described, Case is well described. In the analysis, a thoughtful review of the innovation process of a particular firm is done through lessons of each theory. Claims are made based on arguments, tied upon theories. Innovation process if illustrated by citations, graphs, and figures. The innovation process is critically reviewed, the strength and weaknesses of the innovation process in the particular firm are debated, the conclusion is drawn, and the innovation process of the firm is critically reviewed