The impact of China’s One Belt And One Road on Sino-Japanese trade relations

I. Introduction
A. Research question
B. Background what is it and why am I looking at this?
II. Data
A. Data sources: Where did you get the data?
B. Variables: What data variables (e.g., investments, cultural exchanges, etc.) are you looking at? How do these answer your research question?
III. Results/Analysis
A. Data visualization chart, graph, table, etc.
B. What the data says
C. How the data answers your research question

The minimum requirement for the project is to show a consequential relationship between at least two variables, or specific types/categories of data, the possibilities for which are indefinite (for example, this could include number of hospital beds to air pollution to foreign direct investments within China and/or between China and other countries, at the city-, provincial-/state- or national-levels). Data used can be over time or during a single year.