“The Effects of Post Colonialism In Nigeria”

7 pages (NOT including works cited page)
You may choose to write this paper on any combination of texts (two or more) on the syllabus for this class. Using three or more secondary sources, you will write an argumentative essay that presents your own in-depth interpretation of a particular thematic or technical aspect that runs throughout the texts of your choosing. You may focus on one particular topic that is portrayed in the texts of your choice. For example, you might offer a post-colonial reading of two or three texts and analyze the intersection of history, politics, and literature throughout the texts. Whatever angle you choose to take, remember that this essay is argumentative, meaning that your essay must make an argument. You will need to convince the reader that the topic youre presenting is significant and convince the reader to see things from your perspective. This paper is not a review of the text, or summary of criticism on a work, nor is it a compare and contrast essay. All papers must be uploaded to Blackboard in Microsoft Word format (NOT a .pdf file), typed and double-spaced, and adhere to MLA style guidelines. Papers must have standard 12pt font and one-inch margins.