the effect of social media on writing

State your view on X (the effect of social media on writing) in one paragraph.

Then, in the following body paragraphs , you will support your view (thesis on the effect of social media on writing). In your body paragraphs, develop a view on the topic that includes careful discussion of the influence of the two sources (read in preparation for the essay) on your thinking. In your discussion, pay attention to context, purpose, audience, and language use in the arguments, and make clear why some aspects of them seem effective and why others do not. Use quotations to demonstrate your analyses and assertions to make your paper clear to readers from outside the class (pretend your reader did not read the articles you did). Use in-text parenthetical documentation and included a separate Works Cited page. You must quote from both sources and create citations for them on the Works Cited page.
**NOTE: This is all to be formatted and cited in MLA format. There is no minimum paragraph or page length for this assignment. Write as much as you can to thoroughly answer the assignment prompt.

(there is two articles the teacher sent that you need to read and this assignment is going to be based on these two articles)