The Controversy of the New Deal and Texas during the Great Depression

It MUST be three FULL pages ( More is fine and appreciated ).

Explain the successes and limitations of the New Deal in regards to the economic and social recovery of Texas during the Great Depression. Special focus needs to be given to minorities and these groups were affected by the policies of the federal government.

1) You need to explain the ideology of the New Deal and demonstrate thorough understanding of key pieces of legislation passed by FDR’s administration and how this affected Texans during the Great Depression.

2) Incorporate a minimum of three historical documents from the course content, such as the New Deal Reader.

3) Analyze historical debate of the effectiveness of the New Deal.

3) Use only course content material (going on the web and using unauthorized sources will result in a significant decrease in a student’s grade).

4) Body paragraphs must contain examples of documented evidence using proper MLA in-text parenthetical citation format (footnotes are acceptable).

5) Demonstrate thorough research to include sourcing and corroboration of materials.