The Comprehensive District Design Minneapolis

Assignment Description:
Using your Argumentative Essay as the foundation, you are to add a research component by including research from outside sources to extend your discussion on your chosen topic, while strengthening your position. Be sure to include relevant counterarguments and to clearly refute or concede to them. This paper will require an overall thesis, an introduction, several points, topic sentences to introduce these points, details to support each point, and a conclusion to tie it all together. You will need to lead your reader through your paper with analysis as well as fact.

The Elements of the Research Paper are:


SOURCES: You must use 6-8 sources (including at least one article from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal, and you must make adequate use of these sourceswith in-text citationsin your paper. When incorporating each source, remember to clearly signal, cite, and comment.

CITATIONS: You are required to include 6-8 in-text citations from outside sources to develop your argument. Use MLA (Modern Language Association) Format/Style as discussed in class. Include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper.