The author’s use of humor in Born A Crime by Trevor Noah to convey his perspective and identity

This is for an HL Essay for IB English. We were told to use the 7 concepts of learning (Identity, Culture, Creativity, Communication, Perspective, Transformation and Representation) and to choose one or two and write an essay on one work. The focus should be literary, as an exploration of how author’s choices create meaning is a key feature of the essay, which is evaluated under criterion B,”analysis and evaluation”.

Topic: The authors use of humor to convey his perspective on his life and identity
Trevor Noahs Born A Crime is an entertaining, inspiring, educational and funny coming of age memoir about his life in South Africa. Noah takes the reader on a roller coaster ride through his childhood full of racism, poverty, violence, love, faith and his search for cultural identity. From the first page to the very last, Noah pulls you in with his storytelling style and humor. Noahs use of humor is a creative way of relaxing the reader all while educating them on his struggles of growing up as a mixed child in South Africa. The use of humor connects the author and reader in a way that creates an intimacy and allows the reader to become invested in the authors narrative. Noah communicates to the reader his perspective on the various challenges he faced while growing up in South Africa. While he faces situations that would typically be embarrassing, terrifying and heartbreaking he can find humor in those situations and convey to the reader his true identity of a comedian. This essay aims to examine the ways in which the author conveys his perspective on his life and identity using humor.