The Arsonists by Jacqueline Goldfinger

Here is the link to the play:

Papers must be no less than 700 words. Papers less than 700 words will receive a grade no higher than 70.
There is no maximum length.
There is no need to give a long synopsis of the play—I will have seen it, too! I know what its about.
While you are free to include an introductory and conclusion paragraph, these are not required.
Paragraphs are required! Please organize your thoughts. Papers written without paragraph separation will not be read or graded.
Papers must address at least three of the following addressing BOTH descriptive and prescriptive criticism:
o Plot.
Plot is the sequence of events. In one short paragraph tell me what happened. What would you have changed to make it better? (This paragraph should be no more than 250 words unless your paper exceeds 700 words by at least 250 words.)
o Character
Tell me about your two of your favorite or least favorite characters. What did you like or not like about the character? What about the actor playing the character? Do you feel they did a good job? Why or why not? What could the character have done differently to make the play better? The actor?
o Sound
What did the play sound like? Were the actors loud enough? Too loud? Was there music? Were sound elements used like doorbells, thunder, car horns, etc? Were they effective? How would you have changed something about the sound to make it better? (Do not include info about the pre-show music!)
o Spectacle
What did the play look like? Describe sets and/or costumes.
What colors were used? Textures? Do you feel these were
good choices for the play? How would you make it better?
College level writing is expected! Your papers should be well written with
no grammatical or spelling errors. Use the Writing Center at the AARC if
you need someone to proof read your paper.
Paper grades always begin at 95 with points removed for not meeting the
requirements listed. Grades above 95 are reserved for excellence.