This assignment is for a texas government class

the paper should use all the sources you have been provided (LOOK AT THE FILE) to examine this pandemic, how it started, what the disease is, its spread across the county, and most importantly what the Texas state government, as well as the federal government, are doing to deal with the pandemic and how effective government on the state and national level has been in the attempts to stop the spread of the disease, reduce the number of deaths, find a vaccine to halt the spread and to cure the virus. What are they doing and how effective has it been in protecting the lives and welfare of the citizens of Texas and Americans. (Social distancing and the shutdown of businesses and on-campus education, daily reports, travel restrictions, for example.) You will also want to discuss the disease, who is most at risk, how you get the disease, if young people are at risk, what some of the social issues raised by this disease are, what the governmentfederal and state–is doing to protect people in our country. How are our nations medical communities responding? Also, you must exam the federalism questions concerning the powers and responsibilities and actions of the national government and the governments of the states in dealing with this issue.