Ten Principles Paper

You are to write the Ten Principles of your own personal political philosophy as a coherent, well-developed essay. The primary objectives are for you to integrate Scripture and course materials together in support of your beliefs, and to communicate your ideas clearly to others.

1. Consider what you believe are truths that pertain to politics, and develop a list of the top ten principles. For each of the ten principles, write the main statement as clearly and carefully as you can (e.g., “I believe that military should be expanded.”).

2. Write two solid paragraphs in support of each of the ten principles. To do this, you should use (a) Scripture verses (both from class and from elsewhere in the Bible), and (b) ideas from the various thinkers in class (e.g., Augustine believes X and Hamilton believes Y, which supports my view of Z).

3. You may also want to include examples from the periodical reports that connect to your philosophy. Certainly your own life experience and ideas are useful, too.

4. The essay should be five pages long, 12 point font, single, spaced, and 1 inch margins.