Teenage Reference Services and Information Literacy (In relation to Libraries)

“Prepare a research paper of approximately 2700 words, plus a bibliography with sources you used in your paper. This paper is to include your observations consisting of 8-10 recent scholarly articles and/or monographs that are to be cited according to the APA Manual. By source, I mean multiple-page research/scholarly articles, not one-page notes and announcements from American Libraries. The readings are to validate or invalidate your thoughts, views, opinions. Incorporate and discuss in your paper the authors views and cite them according to the APA rules. This is to be an integrated paper containing your analysis, commentary, and reflections on what you have identified, not a journal with attached readings.
Please make sure your paper has the components of any paper (title, abstract, introduction, body consisting of main ideas you want to highlight, and conclusion, plus bibliography). Please use headings and subheadings to highlight main ideas and subtopics.