Support System Matrix

This assignment is designed to help you identify sources of different support in your life, both potential and actual, as you embark on the journey of graduate education in social work.

Course Objectives:
CO 2: identify university resources required to successfully complete the MSW program (Library, Student Services,, etc.

CO 3: Identify and manage the many challenges and stressors that accompany being a student and how to address them appropriately.

CO 4: Create a system of work-life balance and effectively utilize internal and external resources.

Total points:
This assignment is worth 100 points.

This assignment will be in Times New Roman 12-point font, in table format.

Make a list of at least ten people, groups, and organizations that have supported you in the past or could support you in the future. Include at least one Chamberlain resource you have learned about in this module. You may include family members, friends, mentors, counselors, self-help groups, faith-based organizations, government organizations, and non-profits.
For each form of support, describe how they have helped, or how they could help. You may include all forms of support: emotional, practical, financial, intellectual, health-related, and others.
Beside each entry, enter how it ranks in importance to your success in graduate school, from 1 to 10, with 1 being the most important.
Grading Criteria:
You will receive 10 points for each completed entry of a person, group, or organization, up to ten entries.