supply chain managment ( apple project )

Our project will be focused on researching Apples current supply chain, especially their huge reliance on production from China. We will begin by examining the issue regarding their dependence on China and why that is troublesome. Our project will then assess options on how Apple can diversify their supply chain into other countries or implement other methods to solve this problem. It will then state the disadvantages and advantages of these diversification plans. Our project will conclude with recommendations on which actions to implement.
*** will use power point

Also, we plan on studying the current supply chain process and want to analyze the current efficiency and effectiveness of it. As a top Fortune 100 company, we find it fundamental to identify our order winners and order qualifiers. We plan on identifying weak areas in key processes by analyzing historical metrics and creating solutions to fix these issues. As a team, we can also audit our strengths and weaknesses to improve overall as an organization. Lastly, we find it critical to utilize third party benchmark data to compare performance with competitors. This analyzation gives our team the necessary tools to not only rank areas of improvement, but to analyze key initiatives and goals for the future.