Supply Chain Management

For a large organisation in any sector (should not have been covered in the class as a case study; please discuss your choice with the tutor by the first week of Feb), you are required to submit a report that critically examines how operations and supply chain management have contributed to the competitiveness and success of that organisation. This would involve explaining how some or all of the different aspects such as forecasting, inventory management, logistics, supply management, collaboration and others discussed in the class have been uniquely applied by that organisation to achieve success. Only secondary sources such as books, company websites, information databases, journal articles, business reports are to be used in preparing the report.
The report needs to be of around 2000 words ( 10% excluding Appendices and References) and should be submitted via the Turnitin link on the module site on MyLearning latest by 15th April, 2020.
The marking criteria applied will be as follows:
1) Articulation of key operations and supply chain management practices applied by the chosen organization (30% weightage)
2) Clarity in justifying how or in what way the operations and supply chain management practices discussed have contributed to the chosen organisation’s success (50% weightage)
3) Structuring of arguments, clarity in communication, range of sources used and appropriateness of their (Harvard) referencing (20% weightage)