Student Research Project: Proxy Statement Analysis-AQUA: Executive Compensation Research Project/Paper

The proxy analysis should be prepared as a research paper following APA guidelines. Do not merely answer the questions. The analysis must have a title page followed by an abstract and text with major section headings addressing each of the issues identified above. For example, the first section heading after the Abstract might be titled Executive Compensation Philosophy. This heading should be followed by a narrative discussion and evaluation of the executive compensation objectives or compensation philosophy of the company. Be sure to address the questions posed above in your narrative response in each section. The paper should be double-spaced and limited to a maximum of 8 pages, excluding the title page and references.

1. SEC Regulation S-K, Item 402 is summarized in a website sponsored by the School of Law, Cornell University ( (Links to an external site.)).

2. A Proxy Statement can frequently be located on the companys corporate website. It can also be located at (Links to an external site.). Enter the EDGAR database, enter the name of the company, and locate the latest version of Form DEF 14A. This will be the Proxy Statement.