Strategic Human Resource Management

You are an HR consultant who has been outsourced to make operations run more smoothly in a fictional company (InvincABLE Fitness). Your task is to compile a report (3000 words) and complete the following:

A) Assess the current staffing situation.
B) InvincABLE Fitness needs to hire in order to cover opening hours. It is up to you to decide if they need full-time, part-time, or a mix. You must clearly justify your reasoning.
C) Screen and schedule interviews and provide relevant interview questions.
D) Plan a months staffing roster using the details outlined in the briefing. Ensure that you take into consideration Ireland’s public holidays and major events that might be happening during the calendar.
E) Prepare an employee performance template and justify its benefits.

Conclusion and Recommendations:
Report on your experience during the task. Do you have any suggestions that might help improve other areas within InvincABLE Fitness? (500 words)